Biological cleaning, 100% ecological!

EBA products have a pH7 making them biologically neutral and the most ecological existing products for cleaning.

Our products consist of micro-organisms, enzymes and pure water which convert organic pollution in natural products such as water and carbon dioxide.

The preparation of E. B. A products is a complex system of “effective micro-organisms”. These organisms focus on the desired location and speed up the natural cleaning process.

What are biological micro-organisms?

More than 50% of the total biomass of the Earth are micro-organisms, most of them are bacteria. It is estimated that there are about 5 trillion bacteria, of which approx. 5000 are known to science.

In an adult human body are 2 kg of bacteria alive, which is more than our own human cells! Without bacteria,life on Earth is not possible, they are even responsible for the circulation of other elements in the biosphere. Bacteria make the world clean of pollution which is often dangerous to humans and the environment!

Bacteria were also present in cleaning the oil spill at the disaster on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico; Deepwater Horizon, which has led to the discovery of these micro-organisms.

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The micro-organisms belong to the group of gram+ or positive bacteria; these have a pH value of 7 and therefor are neutral, in other words not aggressive.

The bacteria are able to break down oil and rust, removing dirt on different types of material such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, concrete, etc. .. For corrosion prevention, the organisms take the bad part away and leave the good when correctly applied.

These micro-organisms convert pollution into water and carbon dioxide, safe for humans and the environment.

Also the lifespan of your machinery and devices is greatly extended because they are not being affected by chemical substances (e.g. no erosion possible).


EBA products are specifically created for different purposes, for each of the products we use custom micro-organisms and provide same for tailor-made solutions.


Means depending the application and conditions we offer our products to meet your specific needs.


The new generation of cleaning products

Probiotic cleaning with “effective micro-organisms”.

These cleaning products based on effective micro-organisms (EM) are the most ecological existing products!

These regenerative micro-organisms also avoid for a longer time that negative bacteria can repopulate (upto 3 days!).
All cleaning products have to be broken down in nature except ours with EM, we tackle pollution on the spot and only release natural substances in return.

They even have a positive effect on water and the area in which they are active!

This is the new generation of cleaning products.


Advantages compared to conservative cleaning products:

  • Improved hygiene
  • Higher safety (pH7 neutral)
  • Cost reducing (water, energy, working hours, etc)
  • High sustainability (health, environment and machinery)
  • The environment – 100% ecological (organic pollution is broken down on the spot into other natural products)







Specialties of this new generation cleaning products:

– Removal of organic pollution such as oil, fat, lime, limescale, heavy fuel, petroleum, etc…

– Removal and prevention of green or black deposits on walls and floors.

– Rust removal without harming the good material beneath.

– Optimizing water recycling (both water and process).

– Pollution is been broken down on the spot instead of just moved to another location.

– Increased safety and health environment for people working daily with the cleaning products.

– Sustainability of the machinery and parts.

– Removal and prevention of negative bacteria.

– Removal and prevention of unpleasant odors.

All this results in environmentally friendly, innovative and efficient cleaning!