1 Who or what is EBA?

EBA stands for Enzymes Bacteria Aquapura.

Those are the “main ingredients” of our products.
We are a young and dynamic Belgian company which works on innovation in cleaning for a better environment through probiotic cleaning products, means cleaning without chemicals!  

EBA produces and distributes, after 4 years of research and testing, this new generation of cleaners into different segments such as industry, carwashes, shipping, etc. ..

2 Are our bacteria pathogens?

No, our bacteria belong to the gram + or positive bacteria (good bacteria). These carry no germs.
They will literally “eat” the breeding ground of gram-negative bacteria and this gives these disease carriers no chances to survive.
Thus, a healthy atmosphere is created, and you will notice!

3 How do EBA products work?

By circulation of good bacteria or putting them on a polluted area in some way, depending on the situation, installation and possibilities.
There is thus a healthy, stable microbiological environment created during a long time.

4 Are EBA products disinfectants?

No, there is no direct elimination effect on negative bacteria.
These harmful bacteria are being eliminated through taking away their nutrient medium along with the pollution.

5 Where are EBA products applicable?

Car and truck wash – industry – maritime – …
Wherever a high hygiene or thorough, sustainable ecological cleaning is desired.

6 Do I need to keep disinfecting if I use EBA products ?

No, best operation without disinfection.
If a disinfection is desired, best to do that immediately after EBA products appliance.

7 Are the EBA products safe, protective equipment must be worn?

No, they are completely harmless to human and animals, fauna and flora.
Contact with the skin is not a problem, there is no additional protection required; these are 100% ecological and environmental friendly natural products.

8  What if the use of products is interrupted ?

There is an aftereffect of several days thanks to the positive biofilm.
Frequent supply of new bacteria is required at  least every 3 days (minimum).

9 What are the consequences of an overdose?

Higher number of good bacteria, no negative effects.

10  How are EBA products best stored?

Between 10-30 °C, avoid direct sunlight.

Pls don’t hesitate to contact us in case of other questions!
We will be happy to help you!