E.B.A. Industrial Cleaning Products

EBA products are specifically created for different purposes. Depending the situation, we use custom micro-organisms which makes them well suited for all kinds of organic cleanings. In several places one has e.g. to face fungi and algae, where our micro-organisms take away their feeding ground,the negative bacteria are being removed and die off. Very often…

biologisch reiniging

Organic cleaning, completely ecological

The new way of cleaning! Organic cleaning or depollution completely ecological! E.B.A. products have a pH7 making them biologically neutral and the most ecological to thoroughly clean.  Our products consist of micro-organisms, enzymes and pure water which convert organic pollution in natural products such as water and carbon dioxide. The preparation of E.B.A. products is…

groen voor het miliue

Handling industrial pollution

E.B.A. has an active formula whereby the micro organisms ‘chase’ pollution. This is intentional, the micro-organisms separate enzymes that dissolve a specific type of pollution. Our micro-organism convert the organic pollution in water and carbon dioxide, safe to the human kind and the environment. Fight against oil pollution. Since the last few years, science worked…


The importance of biotechnology in the environment

The importance of biotechnology to the environment The impact of cleaning detergents and chemicals is often negative to the environment and the user with possible heavy consequences. Low toxicity and biodegradability of most products has led specialists to the development of biotechnological products with a similar performance while they are so much more environmentally sustainable…


EBA Probiotic Oil Digest HC

EBA Probiotic Oil Digest HC is especially developed for cleaning applications at a time where we need to be more and more aware of the environmental impact, sustainability and safety. It is an innovative product created by biotechnology with natural products instead of chemistry. A unique technology that allows for a natural, thorough cleaning of…